Our Leadership Vision.

Our core mission centers on empowering our employees, recognizing their talent, and fostering a culture of celebration for their unique contributions. We provide comprehensive training, cutting-edge tools, and encourage creativity and independent thought while offering continuous professional development. This cultivates a workforce proficient in current roles and ready for future demands. Our leadership culture promotes excellence, continuous learning, and innovation. We recognize that the true strength of our organization lies in the talent and dedication of our team.


Executive Leadership.

Driven by passion and united in our pursuit of excellence, our leadership team embodies innovation and dedication. We're committed to surpassing client expectations with outstanding results, setting new benchmarks within our industry.

  • Alexander Rymdeko-Harvey

    Alexander Rymdeko-Harvey

    Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Alex has extensive cybersecurity experience. He has worked in the specialized field of adversary emulation in both government and private organizations. Alex brings extensive knowledge from his experience as a senior cybersecurity engineer on the Red Team for a Fortune 100 company and on the Discovery and Counter-Infiltration Team for the DoD.

  • Keelyn Roberts

    Keelyn Roberts

    Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

    Keelyn is an active Red Team Operator and cybersecurity researcher. He develops both offensive and defensive cybersecurity tool-sets. His prior experience includes roles as a senior information system analyst and a senior cybersecurity analyst. He has spent over 17 years working within the DoD and a Fortune 100 company. In addition to that, he has also worked on advanced cybersecurity research projects ranging from new concolic and symbolic fuzzing techniques to advanced cyber analytics.

  • Tory Clasen

    Tory Clasen

    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

    Tory is a data scientist specializing in delivering solutions for the collection, aggregation, and analysis of cybersecurity data from all over the work. He has worked with DARPA to build ontologies for describing cyber events and built cybersecurity sensor grids for the DoD. His prior experience is as a senior software developer and network forensics analyst. Recently, he has shifted his focus inwards towards the growing threat of the software supply chain security crisis within the open source community to help build a better tomorrow.

Key Leadership.

Our key leaders at Obscurity Labs guide our strategic vision and goals, setting the standard to ensure company success.

  • James Cacioppo

    James Cacioppo

    Software Engineer

    A seasoned IT professional with over a decade of experience administering and improving infrastructure to increase uptime, productivity, and efficiency while reducing operational costs. Professional achievements include leading software development teams through application and tool development, leading complex engineering projects to successful execution, quickly diagnosing the root cause of issues, and providing swift resolution, as well as maintaining positive customer relationships.

  • Robert Roberson

    Robert Roberson

    President of Government Services

    Robert is a seasoned executive with 2+ decades of federal contracting experience. At Lockheed Martin he specialized in program & project management and contracts. He excelled leading technical initiatives & translating complex requirements into tangible results while leading 5G R&D projects, managing the Iron Patriot program, & overseeing Geospatial-Intelligence Visualization Services. His experience is complemented by a Geography degree & various professional certifications. Robert is also active in the community, coaching & mentoring the youth.

Team Leads.

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do.

  • Jason Tan team photo

    Jason Tan

    Software Engineer

    Jason Tan is a highly skilled Software Engineer with a diverse background ranging from software engineering & ML, to leadership. Jason demonstrated exceptional ambition & thirst for learning while in college by interning 5x with different companies as well as serving as a Research Assistant conducting machine learning and econometric analysis. Since taking on his role as a Software Engineer at Obscurity Labs, he has contributed to a myriad of efforts by performing IaC, UI, & backend development, and team leadership.

  • James Thomas team photo

    James Thomas

    Senior Cybersecurity Analyst

    James Thomas is a CISSP-certified cybersecurity professional and US Army Cyberspace Operations Officer with 6 years of experience in supporting government and national defense information systems. He excels in developing unique preventive security controls and mentoring programs to ensure job satisfaction and performance. James holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from West Point and has been recognized with multiple military awards for his leadership and technical contributions.

  • Sebastian Battle team photo

    Sebastian Battle

    Software Engineer

    Sebastian Battle, a highly skilled software engineer, brings expertise in software engineering, system architecture, and security to the Obscurity Labs team. Leading a software engineering team, he’s led the development of an EDR agent with an asynchronous RESTful backend and Kubernetes clusters. Sebastian excels in CI/CD pipeline implementation, Linux, & cloud application debugging. Proficient in several programming languages, he holds a BS in Computer Science with minors in Music & Political Science from Eckerd College.

  • Raphael Getachew team photo

    Raphael Getachew

    Software Engineer

    Raphael Getachew is a talented software engineer with experience in full-stack development and cloud engineering. Since graduating BS in Computer Science from George Mason University, Raphael has rapidly developed technical proficiency in languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, and C/C++, among others. At Obscurity Labs his contributions have involved developing RESTful APIs, continuous integration/delivery, and cross-functional collaboration.